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Business Services

While we've been in this business for over a century, we have learned that to stay relevant (especially in life insurance) - you have to be innovative, cutting edge and able to find newer (yet proven) products, services and companies on the market to best help clients with their evolving needs.  Additionally, we have learned that by listening to our prospects and our clients, we can often be researching products and services to match areas of potential need, sometimes before the need even really arises.  That has been what led us to the Life/Long Term Care hybrid we often suggest, the key man policies we help implement - as well as our many of the Streamlined Services our Consulting Services bring into focus as areas of need.

So, why (and how) do two "insurance guys" do consulting for businesses? 

While the family has been in the business on both sices for many decades or more, we've both been consultants to the Fortune 50.  We've trained their top salespeople and we've made deals with some of the largest companies on the planet.  We've also helped many smaller to mid-sized businesses and owned our own, many times over.  So, we often find that while sitting with businesses, our combined 80 years of savvy, both as "big business consultants" and as "serial entrepreneurs" come into play and we can often assist companies with myriad issues that don't fall under "insurance." However, we don't do those parts of the work - we just leverage the vast and strategic network of valued partners we've built over a long period of vetting and joint venturing with - all at no cost to you. When "looking is free" and a conversation comes at no cost to you, why not have one with us and let us see how we can assist you?

Will your company be next?  Let's be sure we talk soon!

Who Says So?

David Wolff – CMO, DFM Data

...someone you absolutely want on your team. In my years working with him I witnessed his boundless energy, consistent positivity and sheer brilliance. He brings a never ending well of great, practical ideas and if Andy doesn't know how, he knows how to find out how. He always manages to connect the dots to bring smart solutions to the table.

Who Says So?

Jodi Pierce, Pierce Productions

Andy is a person who can see the big picture and find the best way to get things done. He is a person who has the energy for whatever he meets up with. His enthusiasm is contagious. His work quality is exceptional. His commitment to the success of others is outstanding.

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