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Final Expense

Final Expense

No one want to feel like when they die, they will be a burden to others.

Sadly, over 60% of Americans can’t say for sure that they are 100% sure that they won’t leave a financial hardship to their spouse, partner, children or other family or loved ones. 

We see WAY too many GoFundMe’s popping up to to an “unexpected death” or a “untimely accident.”  To be honest, that makes us even sadder because we understand how simple it is to have anywhere from 2,000 up to 30,000 in coverage available just – in- case – the unthinkable happens.

Truthfully, it doesn’t matter how old you are. Accidents aren’t planned. Death doesn’t discriminate, nor is it fair. It can take anyone, anytime and it’s why we all strive to not take tomorrow for granted – but we want to help you prepare so you can also take on tomorrow with confidence that you have your financial end game in order.

With the policies we most often recommend, you own the policy and if you keep up with premiums, which stay level, your coverage is guaranteed for life, no matter how old you grow to be, or what health you are in. 

This is permanent whole life protection.  There’s no physical exam required, and you will be approved based on a few medical questions on the policy.  There are no costly or embarrassing physical exams to take.

You also are given protection From the Very First Day your policy goes into effect. And, with most products in our stable, your full death benefit is available as soon as your policy is issued, too. 

You will also eventually gain cash build up at a certain point in the policy payment – and when is determined by a few factors so we’ll walk you through it.  There is even extra payout available, under certain conditions, if you die in an accident.

One group most people don’t think about covering are children and grandchildren. It is always the most devastating of deaths to have to think about – or to deal with – and the last thing you want to be trying to do is scrape together money for a burial while grieving your child or grandchild.  We have coverage from 1,000 to 5,000 and can explain how the Child’s Term Rider works if you would like.

A few other things we can provide that a large amount of policies on the market can not is an Accelerated Benefit for Terminal Illness.  In short, if you the policy holder are diagnosed with a qualified terminal illness that results in a life expectancy of 12 months or less – you can receive up to 50% of the death benefit up front. There are other terms and state variances.  Ask us for more details.

Finally, we have a quit-smoking advantage plan for those who currently use tobacco and want to quit.  We’ll give you up to the third year to quit while keeping you on the lower non-smoker rates.  If you can show you quit per policy requirements, we will keep you on the lower rate.

When we get together, we’ll need to discuss how you’d like handle your arrangements – and so if you can both think about and even discuss these elements, it will help us all in the time we have together.  We look forward to speaking with you and having a discussion about how to secure your future and provide you with certainty that you will have your final expenses covered and not compound your families stress while they try to go on without you.  We have the answers and products to help you do just that, and we would be honored to work with you.  Just let us know when you'd like to meet?

Items to Account For,
Costs to Consider:

Credit Card Balances ____________ 
Other Outstanding Debt ____________ College Costs ____________
Funeral Expenses:
Funeral Home ____________    Cemetery Plot ____________       Transportation ____________
Casket & Vault ____________
Church & Flowers ____________
Medical Expenses   ____________ Probate ____________
Other  ____________ 


TOTAL ____________


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