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If you are already a licensed agent, please check out what we can offer you.  We have top commission and can help agents with both full or part time needs.  Contact us.

Current Agents

Restaurant Owners/ Workers Needing Work

Over 140,000 restaurants have permanently closed across the US.  Over 4 million good people are out of work as a result.  Many of you have the skillsets needed to succeed in insurance and we have a potential for you to consider.  Please check this video out and contact us - or see our link at the end of the video for even more info.

Former Military or College Athlete?

If you are former military or a former college athlete - you possess a special set of skills that are keys to major success in our industry.  We have many top performers who come from these two particular backgrounds (as do both partners in this firm) - and would love to speak with you.

If you have an Agency currently, especially one hard hit by the downturn on worksite opportunities, we have a potential for you to consider to help rebuild and regain traction. Please contact us and let's discuss.

19 out of the top 25 earners in our company came from industries outside of insurance.  Hospitality, Car Sales, Restaurants and Executive Assistants have all proven to have the skillsets needs to succeed in our model.  Contact us to schedule a talk today and find out if this is right for you?

19 Of Top 25 in Company
Had NEVER Sold Insurance

Lost Job?  Looking for Something New?

If you recently lost your job due to the pandemic, we have a potential new career for you, one that hasn't seen downturns through pandemics or recessions.  We would love to discuss working together if you are interested.  Let's set up a call.

Agency Owners

College Military Lost Job
19 of 25
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