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Healthcare for  Under 50 Employees

For companies with under 50 eligible employees, there is often the dilemma of "to offer major medical healthcare, or not?"  Simply put, even when companies make the effort to offer, most employees do not take part in smaller workplaces, mostly due to cost.  Up until recently, there wasn't much to be done for those employees who didn't opt for coverage within the company - they were relegated to the marketplace.

Now, for groups 1-24, we can offer a tremendous Limited Medical Plan, with over 2,500 in-network locations around the country.  So, no matter whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, help is most likely nearby.  There are NO qualifications for basic coverage – and our employers’ plans are guaranteed issue for 1st of next month*.

There are NO surprise bills – if you need routine medical tests, X-rays, stitches for lacerations, even casting for broken bones, they’re all included in the one low co-pay. One child?  Six children? Our family plan premium is the same and they’re covered up until age 26.

Watch our videos below to learn more... and know that for companies between 25-50, we can also offer MEC coupled with our plan for about $1/hour per 40 hr/wk employee.  This new offering changes the game for restaurants, hotels, retail, and many others, as well as for companies contracting 1099, seasonal or part time workers.

Healthcare for Over 50 Employees

If you have over 50 employees in your company, we can help in a variety of ways, especially if you are self funded.  Any company with questions on how to (a) find prices competitive with the largest companies in America, (b) offer coverage to those who declined major medical, find help with a high deductible offering, or assist 1099ers, part-timers, or seasonal workers, or (c) help offset costs within a self-funded model - wants to speak with us today.  The introductory video below tells a part of the story, but you need to contact us today so we can learn your specifics and help formulate a plan that brings you the best possible coverage for your situation and company.

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