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Individual Services

Happy Couple
Who Says So?

Eric Gilkesson, VP JP Morgan

Andy's intent is always to serve someone else's best interest and not his own. I love that approach as it is very genuine and rare these days.

We work with each individual to help them solve their needs.  We sit down with you (sometimes virtually) and get to the heart of the matter, helping you find solutions and feel comfortable talking about life's uncertainty's and unexpected tragic events that often show why what we help with is SO needed and remarkably powerful.

Sometimes we find ourselves assisting someone who wants to protect the nestegg they have from market downturns - but still need to participate in the upside. 

Sometimes it is providing a few different options for couples to protect themselves , their assets (and each other) as they grow older. 

Others, we're bringing needed mortgage protection and final expense products to their dining room table, or in today's world, a Zoom call, iPhone Factetime, or other technology driven methods.  Let's talk today to find the best solutions for you and your situation and needs.

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