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Innovative Healthcare

While we've been in this business for over a century, we have learned that to stay relevant (especially in health/life insurance) - you have to be innovative, cutting edge and able to find the newer (yet proven) products, services and companies on the market to best help clients with their evolving needs.  Additionally, we have learned that by listening to our prospects and our clients, we can often be researching products and services to match areas of potential need, sometimes before the need even really arises.  That has been what led us to the Life/Long Term Care hybrid we often suggest, as well as our Limited Medical Plan.

We've watched the economy change from mostly a W-2 employee driven one, to one where almost half the work force is 1099, part time or seasonal.  We've seen employee's needs change within those variables, and due to increasing challenges in the job market.  Each time, we've been able to find solutions for current and future clients.  Will your company be next?  Let's be sure we talk soon!

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