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Long Term Care- Life Combo

Wondering about long term care?  The U.S. Administration on Aging, says nearly 70 percent of people turning 65 will need help with daily activities in their golden years. Planning ahead is critical! Long term care has historically been confusing, extremely expensive, hard to qualify for and carries many restrictions on how benefits can be used.

In practice, most stand-alone long term care plans are “use-them-or-lose-them”.  What happens if the worst happens and you die before utilizing your policy benefits?  All those premiums will prove to have been wasted.

Our selected combination life/long term care offering provides life insurance in case the worst happens and if you need care prior to the end of your life, payments of up to twice the face value of the life policy spread over up to 50 months.  And if you use all of your long term care benefits, you still have a fully paid-up life policy good to age 100 equal to 25% of the original face value of your life coverage.

Watch the video for some more information or download our flyer and then call us to discuss details and get any other questions answered.  We're consistently enrolling companies much like yours with this amazing offering.  We look forward to working with you!

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