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Press and Testimonials


We sat down with Rich Casanova of Pro Business Channel for a talk about "Two Under-Served Areas of the Insurance Marketplace" on the Buckhead Business Show.  Listen in below and be sure to check out the other valuable shows at the link above.

Pro Business Channel - Buckhead Business Show - 2 Underserved area of Insurance - Rich Casanova, Buz McOmber
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A Few Testimonials...

Michael J Davis, CEO, Managing Partner, Lead In The Storm

Andy has tireless energy, enthusiasm, contacts, ideas, and solutions for problems. You won't find anyone who is as connected to the pulse of what is happening, what is on the frontier, and what may be coming beyond the frontier from a trend perspective.  He is the master at networking from a "pay it forward" perspective and is genius on connecting the dots for clients and partners in helping them to solve the issues needed to protect their company and drive long term incremental growth. He brings a holistic perspective to each new situation, leveraging his many different areas of expertise, experiences, and connections. A valuable asset for any situation at any point in the business life cycle that I highly recommend.

The consummate professional, combining an insightful, creative, energetic approach, immediate and productive responsiveness, and unquestioned servant leadership. Over the past years, I have found that him to be well connected with like-minded professionals of high character, proving that you are indeed a reflection of your associations. I enthusiastically recommend him to you.


Chuck Papandrea, Director, TEA Process Architecture

For 4 years, Andy hosted and produced Uniqueness is Power in Atlanta GA on Business RadioX.  He will soon be launching an insurance podcast.

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