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Restaurant Owners

If you owned a restaurant and had to close down due to the pandemic or the economic changes afterwards, we are devastated for you.  Please know that.  The good news is - we have found very strong synergies between our careers and the skill sets you needed to run a restaurant.  Please watch the video to the right, and let's have a discussion if this idea sparks an interest for you moving forward.  We know it won't be for everyone, and we are only trying to help because we've already seen that we can - because of who you are.  Again, if it makes sense, let's talk soon?

Bartenders, Wait Staff, Chefs, Hospitality Workers

With over 4.5 million hospitality, restaurant, club and bar staff projected to be out of work in the first quarter of the pandemic and subsequent fallout, we know many of you may be looking for a new career path. We have a fantastic opportunity for anyone displaced completely, seeking a new career - with a chance to set your own hours and much like your former work, earn your living by proving yourself, day after day, by relating with people, developing rapport and helping others.  If you'd like to fid out more - please watch the video to the right and then contact us with any questions. If you need help with getting licensed - we pay for your pre-course and can help you with training on-goingly.

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