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Return to Work Safely®

The two most important needs your employees have in the COVID-19 world are Financial Relief and access to Mental and Behavioral Health / Well Being services.  We make these benefits affordable and add Trauma coverage as well to protect against headlines events and various illnesses.

We live in unprecedented times given the pandemic, the largest short term drop in economic activity in history and a rise in violence and civil unrest in many areas of our country.  Our work forces, our families and our children are experiencing radically higher levels of stress and anxiety and employers are searching for ways to show employees that they truly are their most strategic asset - and many are willing to take action to show it. 

Our Return to Work Safely® packages apply in almost every situation. Click on the packages below to learn more.

Large or Self Funded
Individuals or <50ee

Many folks TALK about supporting our first responders and front line workers.  We do more than talk - we DELIVER protection and benefits needed for the perilous nature of these jobs.

Police "Support Blue"
"Fight Fire"
fight fire.jpg
"Front Line Workers"

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