In your career as a representative, appointment setter or TO, you’ve been rejected more times than a 90 year old, unpublished author.

You’ve been told NO more often than most of the nation’s teenagers (just in a different way.)

You’ve asked more qualifying questions than even the best journalists.

You’re used to getting puked on with things like “there’s just NO WAY I’m buying anything today” and STILL closing the sale.

You’re even qualified to work in a geriatric ward for the amount of hours you’ve logged with the senior and about to retire population.

You know how to leverage other people to help sell, bring validation and play good cop-bad cop.

If you were a TO or a Podium level room worker - you may even be sitting on a treasure trove data base of clients who already trust you from your previous line of work.

And yet you’re currently out of a job and will be for some time because time shares and travel business are projected to be stagnant even as other businesses restart - and discretionary income will be dipping for most Americans.

But – there’s good news – we know where you can kill it!  You see, the skills you’ve honed – the database you may have access to – and the fact that people will spend money on the things they NEED - mean you have the skills and are in the right time and position to succeed in insurance.  You can take a role in two main ways:

  1. You can become an agent, take the bull by the horns and set the appointments and close the policies yourself, for a very strong income.

  2. Or you go for the gold – and a even more significant income - and become and agent who then builds an agency.

Anyway you want to slice it, we should talk.  We’re taking calls daily and we expect to have slots open for a few weeks to come.  But honestly, there is no better time than NOW to begin to position yourself for a new career – one that could make the money you’ve made so far in time shares seem rather like a starting block.  Let’s talk today and see how you best can leverage this opportunity and thrive in a down economy with a bleak mid term future for your old line of work.

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