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Why Choose McOmber Insurance?

Why McOmber?

It’s simple really, because it’s much more about you than it is us.  Without you, we don’t exist and the only way for us to thrive is by designing for  you the specific coverage and service that you need.  We‘ve scoured the market to find the best offerings that provide you the peace of mind that comes with: Accessibility, Simplicity, Flexibility and Affordability.

For Individuals:
Remarkable Slate of Products:  Annuities are a specialty for us and our team, and we also work finding solutions for clients with unique or hard to solve situations. 

We specialize in bringing A+ products to the table to solve a wide assortment of needs for our individual and family clients.  We specialize in downturn protection, while maximizing upturn potential, something very important during and for some time to come after the Covid-19 Pandemic.

On the individual side, we have you covered, from annuities and IUL's to Mortgage Protection and Final Expense, and much more - find out what options might look like.

For Businesses:
Wondering about long term care? The U.S. Administration on Aging, says nearly 70 percent of people turning 65 will need help with daily activities in their golden years. Planning ahead is critical! Long term care has historically been confusing, extremely expensive, hard to qualify for and carries many restrictions on how benefits can be used.

In practice, most stand-alone long term care plans are “use-them-or-lose-them”.  What happens if the worst happens and you die before utilizing your policy benefits?  All those premiums will prove to have been wasted.

Our selected combination life/long term care offering provides life insurance in case the worst happens and if you need care prior to the end of your life, payments of up to twice the face value of the life policy spread over up to 50 months.  And if you use all of your long term care benefits, you still have a fully paid-up life policy good to age 100 equal to 25% of the original face value of your life coverage. (Learn more)

Key Man Insurance

You have spent years building your business from the ground up.   Your investment of time, training and money has paid off with success.  There’s a good chance that you have already taken the steps to insure your physical business assets. Yet, if you’re like most business owners, you may have overlooked one of the most important assets your business has – your employees.

Have you thought about what would happen if one of your key employees were to die unexpectedly? Would your business be able to continue without serious financial consequences?  These are questions many business only ask once it is way too late. We routinely assist companies help mitigate risk, be ready to best face adversity and position properly for when partners or key employees need to transition from the business.

There are various life insurance vehicles that can play an important role in protecting your business if you were to lose a key employee or want to protect an entity buy-sell agreement or cross-purchase agreement.  Let's discuss your particular needs.

Steamline Services and Business Consulting

So, why do two "insurance guys" do consulting for businesses? 

We often find that while sitting with business, our combined 80 years of savvy, both as "big business consultants" and as "serial entrepreneurs" come into play and we can often assist companies with myriad issues that don't fall under "insurance" - but you can rest assured, we don't do those parts of the work - we just leverage the vast and strategic network of valued partners we've built over a long period of vetting and joint venturing with - all at no cost to you.

Will your company be next?  Let's be sure we talk soon!

What Others Say:  "Seldom have I met someone with more zeal and more commitment to helping others" M Wilkes, Dynamic Answers


A little about us: The McOmber family began in the insurance business in 1893 with Buz's grandfather, Fred T. McOmber. We'll let him tell it from here:  Grandfather Fred and my father built one of the largest independent insurance agencies in Michigan through their focus on honesty, great customer service, community involvement and making you, the policy holder, the center of everything they did.  That’s the world I grew up in and those are the values I carry forward with me to this day. My business career in multiple industries over 45 years has as its foundation the desire to make my client more effective, their businesses function more successfully and always doing the right thing on their behalf. I look to your needs, not mine and the rest naturally takes care of itself.

Over the past few years, I've been fortunate enough to partner up with Andy Greider, who has worn many hats in his very diverse career path, but who is an amazing, energetic and kind person to work with - we welcome him to our firm as a partner, broker and agent and know you'll love him like we do. As our agency expands Andy provides the kind of servant leadership that helps our people perform at their best with a strong focus on client satisfaction and team success.

Providing business owners, their employees plus individuals and families with best-in-class life insurance, annuities, IUL's, worksite health, employee long term care and more.  We work with everyone, from individuals to  1000+ employee companies.
125 Years of Outstanding Client Service

Request a consult to find out how we can help you have the same great experience!

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